A Self-produced editorial, with multiple ways of reading, this book is a compilation of artists, photographers, and designers that inspire me and help me create. It is part of a self-knowledge and analysis project.

Its multi-directionality aims to create new dialogues between images that help me see beyond them.

Some of the artist taking part in this publication are:

Paloma Wool, Filipcustic, David Hockney, Richard Avedon, Erwin Wurm, Marton Perlaki, Hussein Chalayan, Maria Giulia Riva, 3cm, Evelyn Bencicova, Bruno Metra, John Yuyi, Commes des Garçons, Lo siento studio, Marie Lund, Paul Jung, Brian Vu, David Seidner, Chema Madoz, Christina Coral, Scheltens Abbenes, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Bas van Wieringen, Zacchary Susskind, Melitta Baumeister, Oteiza, Ben Zank, José León Cerrillo, Karl Burko, Michael Zeiehoski, Marcel Duchamp, René Magritte, Bruno Metra.

You should go check them out!


PROJECT_ Imaginary - Self-produced editorial.

ROLE_ Editorial Designer, Book Binder - Original idea.

PHOTOGRAPHY_ Lucas Amilano