Social analysis from fashion’s point of view, of people between 15 and 50 years old leaving in Barcelona.
The concept of this project is based on the study and photographic records of A. Versius and E. Vyttenbroek under the name Exactitudes (exact + attitude), carried out in Rotterdam - Holland - from the 90s until nowadays.
The work raises the similitude between people of the same group or social tribe, being among them isolated individuals, but with an aesthetic uniformity.
After more than 20 years of the realization of this project, the sensation of stylistic cloning is increasingly exaggerated. Due to the mass production of fast fashion and the desire to be “on trend” to feel integrated, but at the same time trying to stand out and find oneself.


PROJECT_ IDEM - Bachelor Degree Final Project

ROLES_ Creative Director - Original Idea, Research, Design, Pattern Making, Pattern Design, Photography.

junkie vintage collage
beatnik 2.0. collage
puffer collage
band tee collage
basics collage
morroccies collage 1
morroccies collage 4